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The Ministry of Order


Ministry of Order

There is only one ONE.. it is the spirit standing alive in TRUTH
the energy that cause all gifted living
onto continuing it flourishing for ALL gifted it


10.10.10 - There is only one ONE.. it is the spirit standing alive in TRUTH.. the energy
that cause all gifted living onto continuing this gift life, for ALL gifted it.. flourishing eternal.

Literacy.. the free flowing ungendered natural medium obvious,. allowing TRUTH.. to be sown.

LiFe - Literate Without Gender Referencing ALL encompassing United

government, corrupt government, temple government, religious organization government, afterlife selling government, children ill leading defiling government, education system hijacking bad bank government, gender referencing religions and tongues built upon such government, gendered tongues religions racism bonoboism, foreign gang government, foreign union government, arab zionist district of columbine government, peasants and free souls sanctity and government hijacking, mob ruling judaic christian arabic islamic religious delusion idiosy imposing inquisitor government, bloodsprinkling child raping women into subservience twisted tongues built exiled divides crossing symbols fronted temple fucing brotherhoods built planet earth harvesting destroying GOVERNMENT, false flagging rebel and fanatic creating proxy warring peasants and free souls taxing indebting REPUBLIC PUBLIC EDUCATION destroying GOVERNMENT, military corporation khazarian sKiT acting out GOVERNMENT, delusioin based selling university educated installer guild GOVERNMENT, hollywoodian, khazarian, judaic, christian, islamic GOVERNMENT, GODS.. idiosy - TERRORISM, likeness claiming life ending TRUTH hiding illiteracy imposing SELLING rosetta stoned stupid mock your illiterate parents cable dish FM radio WAVE modulator GOVERNMENT, HAARP equipped murderous brotherhood GOVERNMENT, mini HAARP, portable HAARP, ACTOR governments seemless story unto afterlife and death - TERRORIST government

EU - you sTiNK!